Parents of Awaab Ishak hand in petition at Downing Street calling for social housing reforms

The family of 2-year-old Awaab Ishak who died after exposure to mould at his home in Rochdale have delivered a petition to Parliament.

Awaab's parents want the law changed to compel social housing landlords to fix damp and mould in people's homes within strict time limits.

Speaking to ITV News on Downing Street, the family's Barrister Christian Weaver says they hope Awaab's tragic case can be a "catalyst for change" in social housing.

He said: "Over 177,000 people signed the petition. Awaab's family felt so ignored throughout so much of this process. Actually the petition being delivered today with such public support just shows them that actually people are listening, and people do care."

Awaab’s Law - in memory of the two-year-old who died in a mould-infested Rochdale flat has already been tabled by the government.

It will be added as an amendment to the Social Housing Bill and will legally force social landlords to fix health hazards within strict time limits.

Today, the bill received its final reading in the House of Lords.

Granada Reports Political Correspondent Lise McNally can explain what happens next.

Awaab Ishak’s parents have been campaigning for the law following the inquest into their son’s death.

Awaab died in December 2020 after living in a flat owned by housing association Rochdale Boroughwide Housing plagued with mould and damp. The family’s pleas for help were ignored.

Awaab Ishak Credit: Family photo

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Awaab’s Law aims to “make sure no other child, or anyone else, dies due to mould in their home”.