Gang found guilty after terrorising school children in Manchester

Harley Whipday and Nia Razawa
Nia Razawa (top) and Harley Whipday with the BB gun they used. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

Two men have been jailed after they persistently targeted school children, stealing their phones and using weapons against them.

Harley Whipday, 20 of Milan Street, Salford and Nia Razawa, 20 of Plymouth Grove, Bramhall were involved in "planned" attacks on boys as young as 13 as they made their way home from lessons.The gang which included five 17 year old boys approached children and demanded their phones, before selling the devices at shops in Cheetham Hill. The gang were often armed with machetes, knives and BB guns.

One victim was described as 'broken' following his ordeal. In another attack, three members targeted a group of children they believed belonged to a rival gang.They attacked a boy with a machete, leaving him a large wound to his chest. In another incident, they hit two boys on scooter and bike with a stolen car. One was left in intensive care.They have now faced justice following a series of hearings at Minshull Street Crown Court.

The trial is taking place at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester

The attacks took place in 2021 and 2022The court was told of a robbery on May 1 2022. Two teenagers were travelling down Stand Lane in Radcliffe on an electric bike and scooter.Whipday, Razawa and two other boys were travelling in a stolen Ford Focus when they drove at the boys. The bike was stolen.

The boy on the scooter was rushed to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, where he was put in intensive care. He suffered multiple injuries - including a severe skull fracture, bleeding on the lung, bleeding on the spleen and a broken eye socket.

The boy's mum said : "It was horrific and traumatic for all family members."

She said his injuries left him "unrecognisable". Doctors attempted to take him off life support numerous times, but he initially could not manage.When he eventually regained consciousness after several months, he had to learn how to sit up, how to eat and how to walk.Sentencing, the judge, Recorder Joanna Woodward said the attacks were planned and targeted.

Harley Whipday was jailed for 30 months, for assisting an offender and perverting the course of justice. Due to the time spent on remand, it is likely he will be released from custody immediately.

Nia Razawa was jailed for 54 months for robbery

DC Leon Cawley-Bowyer of Greater Manchester Police's Operation Valiant, said: "These were violent and terrifying robberies for all the victims involved and will no doubt have had a lasting impact on their lives.

"I am glad we have been able to secure a conviction for those involved today and I hope this will provide those victims with a sense of justice."The aggression and violence shown by the group highlights exactly how dangerous they are and I am confident that our streets, and communities are much safer now they have been brought to justice."