One of Manchester's oldest graduates celebrates a degree in fine art at the age of 80

Video report by Granada Reports Correspondent Andy Bonner

A pensioner has proven you are never too old to complete a degree - after graduating aged 80.

Stan Harland from Rossendale describes himself as a 'very mature' student, and is one of the oldest to graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University.

He has always had a flair for art, and after a lifetime working in the printing industry, he decided in his late 70s to get a degree in Fine Art.

Stan has had a passion for art his whole life Credit: ITV News

Stan says: "At school I wasn't that clever, in those days they called you - which it's not so very nice - they called you thick, but I could excel with my hands and draw.

"I'd love some of the teachers, the headmistress and the headmaster from my school to see me now, to see I'm not thick."

Stan started drawing when he was just five and loved to visit art galleries as a child, armed with a pencil and pad.

He says: "It has always been a passion of mine, I love art and I love going into galleries all over the place."

But Stan says, although he was the oldest on the course, he never felt out of place.

One of Stan's tutors, Charra Lewis, said: "Stan has a lot to teach the students because of his enthusiasm for learning, and his endless curiosity and imagination.

"He brought all that with him to the program. And I think taught people a thing or two."

Stan now wants to concentrate his artwork on a message about threats to the environment.

"I know we are trying," he says, "but it is an uphill struggle, but maybe if you can put something creative together people will think, let's have a look at that."

He now has a degree under his belt to help get his message across.