Historic Cheshire telescope plays host to intergalactic music, science and arts festival

  • Video by Entertainment Correspondent Caroline Whitmore

Over 50,000 people are expected in Cheshire for the intergalactic music, science arts and exploration of space festival.

The award winning Bluedot festival is a three day event held in the shadow of the giant telescope at Jodrell Bank Observatory and has become a favourite with music lovers over the past 7 years.

The bluedot festival is a three day event with music, science and art. Credit: Bluedot festival

On the grounds of a deep space observatory, the festival combines a stellar line-up with a program of live science, experiments and expert talks.

Irish singer-songwriter Roisin Murphy, electro band Leftfield, US Indie rock Pavement, Jamaican-American singer Grace Jones, and Scottish band Young Fathers are on stage with a closing party hosted by DJ Annie Mac.

Ben Robinson, the co-founder of Bluedot Festival, which began in 2016 in Lower Withington said: "The festival is a really big occasion to bring people together."

Adding, "The teams are wonderful people to work with."

The opening concert with Max Richter included a special performance from the actress Tilda Swinton.

Bluedot Festival is partnered with Eat Well Manchester to raise funds for those in need Credit: ITV Granada

Kathleen O'Conner, the co-founder of Eat Well Manchester says it is the second year they have partnered with Bluedot Festival.

They provide food to women's refugees, families who are homeless in B&Bs or those relying on food banks.

"A percentage of the sales of the food at the festival will help fund those in need."

Lauren Barton, Events Manager from Jodrell Bank Observatory said:

"What better way to come and learn about science than here on site, with the backdrop of the Lovell telescope founded by Sir Bernard Lovell".

The telescope is the third largest telescope in the world, which Lauren said, 'that's still pretty impressive'.

The bluedot festival is a three day event with music, science and art. Credit: Bluedot festival

The bluedot is from quite a famous photograph that Voyager 1 took looking back through the galaxy and the earth is pictured as a blue dot, hence the name.