'Do I have the oldest name in the world?': Rita Ora on Liverpool visit for new album You & I

Pop singer Rita Ora has revealed what song people perform to her the most often when she is in public.

Ora was in Liverpool for a signing at HMV for her third studio album 'You & I', which was released on 14 July.

She said: "Everyone's nana is called Rita. Do I have the oldest name in the world?"

Rita Ora meeting her fans at a HMV in Liverpool. Credit: ITV Granada

The singer said that the 1958 Jackie Wilson song 'Reet Petite' is the commonly used chat up line towards her but said that it "doesn't work".

Liverpool was just one of five cities that Rita Ora was visiting in one day for her new album.

The singer is promoting her new album 'You & I'. Credit: ITV News

She said: "I'm snoozing in the back of the car. I've become a bit of a professional now.

"You've just got to get a pillow and a blankie and some headphones and zone out.

"I have been to Liverpool before. I've been to this HMV before, I saw my poster on the wall as I went to the toilet. I thought, 'wow I've been doing this for a while'."

The new album features a collaboration with Fatboy Slim and is Rita Ora's first project in five years.

Her career has included 13 UK Top 10 singles and four UK Number One singles including 'Anywhere' & 'Your Song'

Rita Ora has told ITV News about her fight for control of her own music, and how she is also battling the often-negative portrayals of refugees and immigrants.