TT fans thrilled by release of new on-board footage of the Isle of Man course

A legendary TT rider has given fans a 'never before seen' view of the infamous races - using an incredible onboard camera.

The video has already got more than a quarter of a million hits online, and gives supporters and fans of the speed race a rider's view around the Isle of Man course thanks to motorbike legend Milky Quayle.

The TT Rider Liaison Officer and race winner, Richard 'Milky' Quayle, borrowed a Honda Fireblade SPs from the TT Travelling Marshals and, thanks to a Gopro camera fitted to the back of the bike using a special rig, he produced the amazing viewpoint.

It shows the twists and turns of the well-known 38 mile course.

The TT course is 37.73-miles of public roads around the Isle of Man. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

The TT course is made up of 37.73 miles of public roads and is often known as the 'Mountain Course' due to the last quarter of a lap, which sees the rider travel over the Mountain Road from Ramsey to Douglas.

Many of the riders complete the full course in under 20 minutes, averaging speeds of 130mph.

A total of 37 milestones are positioned around the course, one at each mile of the track.

Many of the corners around the track have been named, some after individuals linked to the TT.

For example, the 'Morecambe Missile' John McGuinness has a corner on the course named after him.

The full lap can be viewed here. It's already been seen by over 260,000 people.