Manchester Good Samaritan returns precious piece of family jewellery to owner

Watch the moment Hayley handed the bracelet back to Clare.

Social media has its critics, but every now and again, it restores your faith in human nature.

Clare Traynor lost a bracelet in memory of her late brother Stephen on the streets of Manchester.

After posting about the loss on social media, she was shocked to discover Hayley Schora, who had found the bracelet, was also posting on social media determined to reunite the precious piece of jewellery with its owner.

Clare Traynor's special bracelet in memory of her late brother. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

On one side of the bracelet is the name of Clare's younger brother Stephen who died suddenly four years ago, while on the other side, an imprint of his fingerprint.

Hayley's search proved successful, much to Clare's delight who thought she had lost the bracelet forever.

Thanks to those on social media sharing the post hundreds of times, Clare saw the post with the missing bracelet, and contacted Hayley.

The two then met in Manchester so owner and family keepsake could be reunited.

"It's so lovely to be able to reunite somebody with something so precious, you know yourself if you have sentimental items then they mean the world to you," Hayley said.

"You think about things you have and how you would feel if you lost them so it means the world to reunite them, but it's also really nice and humbly for me to know the backstory of it as well."

Clare added: "To be honest I thought the bracelet had gone for good, and that I would never find it again.

"It means so much to me to have it returned and I can't thank Hayley enough.

"She went above and beyond to track me down and it's such a lovely thing to do. she's amazing!"