Manchester business 'shocked and excited' to see their product in the Barbie film

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in Barbie Credit: PA Images

The owners of a small family-run business say they were left shocked after seeing one of their products featured in the new Barbie film.

Shakila Hussain, 36, part of Gallant Sports which sells gym equipment, says she was stunned when she spotted their boxing bags in the new hit film.

Shakila said: "I went to watch Barbie a few days ago and during the training session featuring Ryan Gosling we were left in complete shock to see our punch bags featured upfront on the big screen." She added: "It's unbelievable. We're only a small business in comparison to Barbie which is worldwide.

"We're in shock and excited for being part of this.

"We'll definitely look back as a moment to be proud of - it's a huge achievement."

Gallant Sports is a family-run business providing gym equipment Credit: Shakila Hussain

The business, based in Gorton, Greater Manchester, is directed between Shalika’s husband Shazad Hussain, 39, and brothers Mohammad Shazad and Mohammad Ejaz, who were amazed to see their local business on the big screen.Shahzad Hussain said: “I went with my daughter to watch the Barbie movie and to my amazement I saw the punch bag that we have designed and sold featured in Barbie.

"I felt so proud and ran to my family as soon as I got out.”"I felt really proud to see that our product is featured in Barbie and is being recognised in an industry that is very popular, "Mohammad Shahzad added.

Gallant Sports started in 2014, and was the first warehouse opened in Stockport with a small investment, and later another opened in Gorton.

They now sell fitness products around the UK and Europe.Mohammad Ejaz said: "All weekend my phone has been off the hook everyone ringing to tell me our punch bag is featured in Barbie. I was so happy and excited."