Order in place to ban 'car cruising' across the whole of Trafford

1008  Car Cruising sign
The order covers the whole of Trafford Credit: Trafford Council

A safety order by Trafford Council to stop car cruising and anti-social driving has been extended to include the whole of the borough.

The Public Spaces Protection Order was made in 2016 following a series of incidents in Trafford Park. Cars were being driven dangerously at high-speed with crowds attending the illegal unauthorised events adding to the danger.

In 2018, one woman was killed when a car crashed into five pedestrians.

Following a review of the impacts the order has had on other locations within the borough, a decision has been made to extend the ‘Restricted Area’ to include the whole of Trafford.

Cllr Rose Thompson, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Communities and Safety, said: "Unauthorised racing and stunts on our roads are dangerous to the drivers, dangerous to people watching and dangerous to the public at large.

"The initial order has helped reduce the number of incidents but we are still getting unauthorised events on our roads and that needs to stop.

"We will continue to crackdown on people who wilfully disregard the safety of others just to show off in their cars."

The council says the order covers the whole of Trafford Credit: Trafford Council

The order means anyone taking part in an unauthorised motoring event or driving in an anti-social manner may be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £100 or a fine up to £1,000.

Cllr Thompson added: “If you want to show off your car, there are organised events where you can do so safely. Speeding on public roads is reckless and we will not stand for it. Our residents deserve to live in peace and in safety and this order will help us protect them.”

The PSPO has also been extended until August 2026. It can viewed online here.