George Harrison’s mother 'ashamed to be female' after watching screaming Beatles fans

The Beatles in 1963 as their fame soared. Credit: PA Images

George Harrison's mother told a teenager she was "really ashamed I was a female" after witnessing screaming fans at a Beatles concert.

Louise Harrison wrote to Beatles fan Janet Gray about the 'Beatlemania' scenes she witnessed at a gig in Manchester in November 1963.

She said she had been left "really disgusted" by "so-called fans" screaming throughout the whole performance, questioning why they would pay for a ticket.

Janet, from Crosby, Liverpool, sent fan mail to the Harrison family home in Mackets Lane, Woolton, on a weekly basis from 1963 to 1966.

Mrs Harrison diligently answered thousands of letters from fans around the world, and took a keen interest in teenager Janet's personal life.

Louise Harrison, the mother of Beatle George Harrison, replied to thousands of items of fan mail Credit: Beatles Shop/PA

In a letter sent in November 1963, she wrote: “Dear Janet, I don’t know anything about your mother’s letter. I did not have one yet.

“I do hope my writing to you is not the cause of any trouble at home. For if so I will definitely not write any more.

“Last Wednesday I went to Manchester and I was really disgusted at the way the so-called fans just screamed right through the whole of the Beatles act.

“Nobody with any sense would pay and queue for a ticket just to stand on a seat and scream and not hear one sound from the stage. I was really ashamed I was a female.

“Now Janet I hope you will try and remember that your mum is your best friend, even if you don’t see eye to eye on some issues.

"Thank God I get on fine with all my 4 children and they with each other.

“Anyhow I shall pray that everything will be just fine for you in the very near future. Lots of love Louise Harrison.

“PS I have about 90 letters not opened yet and hundreds opened awaiting replys (sic).”

George Harrison on Miami Beach in February 1964 Credit: Paul McCartney/PA

Mrs Harrison used the letters to share the exploits of her son as his fame soared.

They have come to light after a series of 25 letters in reply from Mrs Harrison have been put up for sale by the family of the late Ms Gray.

In another reply in July 1964, she said: “Dear Janet This will have to be short.

“George was home for two days or rather nights – out all day rehearsing at Blackpool. George was not hurt Thank God in crash.

“Oh I’m surprised at you believing rot about Paul. What on earth makes you believed it, I don’t.

“You seem to be having a good time eh! I want to get away this weekend.

“I must close now for shopping. Love Louise Harrison

“Thanks for snap its very good.”

A letter from Louise Harrison, mother of George Harrison, to Beatles fan Janet Gray Credit: Beatles Shop/PA

In September 1964, she wrote: “Dear Janet, I’ve been in Surrey 5 weeks.

“George was there 5 days before I came home. He is very thin but OK.

“Glad to hear you have a boyfriend. Hope you pass the GCE OK. I’m so busy I could scream. 3000 letters to answer at least. So I’ll say cheerio for now.”

Nearly two years later in August 1966, she wrote: “Dear Janet, I have just been away on holiday touring around France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and now I am back to about 500 letters and so I am afraid this will have to be rather short.

“I am hoping the boys will have a successful tour of America despite all the rumours we have heard.

“Congratulations and good luck to your brother. Sorry to hear of your misfortune with the moped. You are very lucky to get such good pay.

“I hope your mum enjoyed Lucerne, we were there.

“Best wishes Louise Harrison.”

The letters will be among items listed at the Liverpool Beatles Memorabilia Auction which takes place in the city on Saturday 26 August.

Further details can be found online.

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