CCTV released after racist graffiti sprayed on Morecambe war memorial

CCTV of a hooded figure has been released by police after racist graffiti was spray painted across the town. Credit: Lancashire Police

"Appalling" racist messages have been graffitied around a town for the second time in a month.

The messages were left along Morecambe Promenade, which police believe were written just after 1am on Saturday, 19 August.

CCTV, which shows an unidentifiable, hooded figure move through Euston Road, Victoria Street, Northumberland Street and along the Promenade, including the War Memorial, has now been released by Lancashire Police in an attempt to trace what happened.

"This is an appalling offence, and the writing of racist and homophobic graffiti will not be tolerated", Chief Inspector Dave Hannan said.

Homophobic and pro-nazi graffiti was sprayed around Morecambe ahead of Pride. Credit: MEN Media

It is the second time in a month that racist and homophobic graffiti has been spray painted across Morecambe.

In July, Lancaster City Council workers removed pro-nazi and anti-LGBTQ+ messages ahead of the town's Pride weekend, including swastikas and messages threatening to murder gay people.

Councillor Caroline Jackson said: “We were utterly appalled and disgusted by yet more cases of malicious graffiti in Morecambe over the weekend, particularly by that which defaced Morecambe’s War Memorial.

“This attack on our community shows complete disrespect for all those who care deeply about this town, for those who run businesses and attract visitors and for those heroes of past and present who were willing to give their lives in its defence.

"Let it be known that criminal behaviour such as this is not wanted here and in no way reflects the values of those who live here."

Following reports of the second act of racist and homophobic graffiti vandalism the Anglican Bishop of Lancaster, Rt Rev. Dr Jill Duff; The Archdeacon of Lancaster, Venerable David Picken and the Rector of Morecambe Parish Church, Rev. Chris Krawiec issued a joint statement.

They said: "We are deeply disturbed and saddened by this second act of racist and homophobic vandalism on our beautiful Morecambe Promenade and other areas of the town.

"To attack the war memorial alongside our beautiful murals is incredibly distressing. Many of the names on that memorial gave their lives to stem the tide of Nazism in previous generations.

"Morecambe is a town with a great past and bright future that strives for good relations across communities - there is no place for racism and homophobia of any kind here or anywhere in our County. We long for all people to flourish whatever their race, religion, sexuality or gender.

"We commend the grace-filled response of the creative community in working to repair and restore the murals at pace.

"Such threatening acts of graffiti are designed to inspire fear and division, so our hearts and prayers are with everyone who has been distressed by these isolated attacks. We have every confidence that pulling together, Morecambe will continue on its tide of hope-filled growth where all can flourish.”

Anyone with information or dash cam footage is asked to contact Lancashire Police.