Introducing spoken word artist Antony Szmierek making poetry cool

  • Video of Antony Szmierek talking to Elaine Willcox

A lover of poetry and literature, it was Antony Szmierek's song 'A hitchhikers guide to the fallacy' that got him noticed.

The 32 year old teacher from Hyde in Greater Manchester is shocked by his sudden success and radio play.

His last EP 'Poems to Dance to' is a pretty apt description of the spoken word artist, who also has an Indie and Hip Hop vibe.

"Someone says my music is John Cooper Clarke in the Hacienda".

He does not want to be tied to a genre. Mike Skinner and Alex Turner are among the other wordsmiths he admires.

'Seasoning' is his latest EP and also what he's called his first headline tour, which is a mix of "euphoric beats with an undertone of darkness'.

Pulp a favourite at Glastonbury over the years Credit: PA

He has written one song on his new record that he would love to perform with one of his hero's Jarvis Cocker.

"I hope somehow he sees this, because he is a hero of mine. Especially with the way he performs live".

Asked if he had reached out to the Pulp frontman, he said; "Not yet but I'm not above it".

Performing alongside his younger brother Martin, they had played a busy summer of festivals including Glastonbury.

"A couple came over at Glastonbury and said they'd met on a dating app because they were talking about one of my tunes, it was magical and emotional, hearing the audience sing my songs back at me".

Antony Szmierek chatting to Elaine Willcox at The Green Rooms in MediaCityUK Credit: ITV Granada

He has been told his song, 'Rock and a Calm Place' is often played in the retailer, Sports Direct.

"That's really weird, I don't think I even get any money for that". He admits making money in the music industry is tough going, and still teaches on a part-time basis, alongside writing and touring.

"If it had gone this well in the 90s maybe I'd be on a yacht, but I've never had any money and I still don't have any money.

A decent car and enough to write my tunes would do."

Antony Szmierek has announced a headline tour, of his new music Seasoning Credit: Antony Smzierek

Antony said: "Teaching the likes of MacBeth to a lot of teenagers who just want to be on their phones", has helped him to captivate an audience.

Those are skills he has honed and uses them while performing and making his music videos.

He said: "It is teaching in a different way. It can be super emotional on stage".

For those who have not seen Antony Smzierek perform. "It should feel like you are at the best house party ever, but someone is reading poems and it is still fine'.

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