Young Liverpool fan breaks down in tears as dream comes true

An eleven year old boy who was born without arms and legs has had his dream come true, thanks to Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association.

Daire Gormon, who's from Ireland, had always wanted to see his team in action. His emotional reaction when he made it to Anfield at the weekend has been watched by millions on social media.

In a clip, posted by Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association, Daire is seen bursting into tears as the club’s anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is played.

Daire, has an extremely rare condition called Crommelin Syndrome which means he has no arms from the elbows down and is also missing femur bones in both legs.

His mother Shelley said: "Daire is still getting emotional over the whole experience. He can’t believe that he got to go and that all of this happened."

Liverpool FC welcomed Daire and his dad with a personal stadium tour. Credit: LFC / @LiverpoolDSA

Shelley said that the video’s massive reach shows others that having a disability shouldn’t hold you back.

“It’s nice for other children to see the emotion in Daire, and it is possible to go after your dream, to us he is an inspiration. It has also given him a great confidence boost because sometimes people stare and point at him and sometimes they laugh. The amount of positivity has been amazing for him."

Ted Morris, the secretary of Liverpool Disabled Supporters' Association has told ITV Granada the background to how Daire came to Anfield:

"I was contacted by a detective from the Irish Garda, which has a charity called Little Blue Heroes and asked if I could help fulfil his wish, which was to visit Anfield.

"To achieve the request, I gifted my wheelchair bay to Daire and my PA seat to his dad. We arranged a private stadium tour on Saturday, and as you can see, he attended the game on Sunday.

"It was amazing.

"We also gave him a signed Jota and Carragher shirt, and Becky Easton from LFC Women and David Fairclough also spent some time with him.

"We made his dream come true."