Oldham teacher completes 14 marathons in 16 days in globe trotting triumph

Video report by ITV Granada Reports reporter Paul Crone.

There aren't many teachers who can run 14 marathons in 16 days and still make it back for the start of term but Steve Hill from Oldham isn't your ordinary Deputy Head.

Over the last eight years he has run across polar ice caps, climbed Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc and Everest, and battled the jungles of Borneo - all of which has earned him an MBE.

His latest challenge saw him run seven marathons in the Western Hemisphere, battling the heat and humidity of Costa Rica, before heading east to Tajikistan for another seven gruelling runs.

Settling back into his more normal routine at St. Joesph's RC Primary School in Shaw, Steve explained why he does it:

"When things get tough in life, as they're often going to do, never give up, anything is possible. So that's the message I'm trying to give them on a day-to-day basis, but not just tell them, show them by taking on these ridiculous, bonkers challenges."

Covering more than 367 miles in just over two weeks, Steve had more than the odd blister to worry about.

The jungles of Costa Rica had their own challenges Credit: Steve Hill

"Obviously jungle environment in Cost Rica. It was very hot, very humid and obviously all the creepy-crawlies to contend with - the snakes, spiders, crocodiles even."

Not even a brush with the Taliban, as he skirted the border with Afghanistan, was enough to dent his enthusiasm.

"I was within almost touching distance of Afghanistan which was very surreal. It was just 50 metres away across a river, and looking across at Afghanistan I did spot quite a lot of Taliban which was a bit scary. It sped me up a little bit and made me run a little bit faster."

Advanced Maths with on a wet Monday morning will seem a walk in the park after this.