'Boy racer' who killed 16-year-old girl in hit and run in Oldham filmed driving at 133mph

Footage from Greater Manchester Police, shows Choudhury and Rahman racing through the streets of Oldham shortly before Alisha was killed

Two 'boy racers' who used roads as "their personal racetrack" reaching speeds of 133mph have been jailed after killing a 16-year-old student as she walked to college.

Alisha Goup died after being hit as Omar Choudhury's BMW mounted the pavement as he raced another BMW at 66mph - more than twice the speed limit.

Choudhury, 22, had met Hamidur Rahman, a member of his extended family, 'by chance' before the pair began racing in Oldham on 23 February, a court was told.

CCTV footage showed the men speeding through streets and overtaking cars before heading along Rochdale Road.

Choudhury hit Alisha, in his BMW 3 series with the distinctive registration OM08 ARR, after hitting a white Ford Fiesta turning at a junction and losing control as he attempted to overtake on the wrong side of the road.

Alisha died at the scene.

But, despite hitting Alisha, Choudhury continued to drive through traffic lights and away from the scene.

He finally came to a stop outside the Royal Oldham Hospital due to the damage to his car.

Members of the public then tried to assist, as they did with Alisha, and detained Choudhury at the scene until officers arrived.

When speaking to an officer after his arrest Choudhury said: "Have I killed someone?"

Footage on Choudhury's mobile phone showed him driving at 133mph Credit: GMP

Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard forensic reconstruction by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) was able to determine Choudhury was travelling more than double the speed limit only metres before the collision.

Evidence recovered from Choudhury’s phone showed clips of him brazenly showing off by driving at high speeds on regular occasions - at one point reaching 133mph.

Choudhury of Broadway, Royton and Hamidur Rahman, 24, of Tilbury Street, Oldham were found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving following a trial.

Both were jailed for 14 years, and will serve two thirds of that in custody.

In addition, they were both disqualified from driving for a minimum of 12 years.

Remembering their daughter, the parents of Alisha, said she was the "most caring, selfless, sensible person you could meet".

In victim personal statements read to the court they said: "This has been the most difficult time of our life, knowing Omar Choudhury has killed our daughter and that he has been trying to defend the indefensible.

"Alisha was our first born and was the happiest moment of our life, which was the same day we got the keys to our first house, it was a double celebration.

"She was everything to us and was the reason we woke up everyday and went to work to give us all a better life."

Hamidur Rahman (L) and Omar Choudhury (R) Credit: GMP

They continued: "We are a small, quiet, very private family, we did everything together as a family every Friday was a takeaway and movie night, every Saturday was an eating out night and every Sunday was a walking day out.

"Weekday evenings we always walked to do our shopping, we goofed around, laughed, joked, talked about life goals, told stories of the day and argued during those shopping trips.

"Alisha was the most caring, selfless, sensible person you could meet.

"She was the glue that kept all the children together, she was always there for her parents and her siblings.

"The dreadful news of Alisha being killed, not crossing the road but whilst walking on the pavement is hard to take as we always ensured the children all knew about road safety from a young age, little did we know none of that would matter as she was killed in a place you are supposed to be safe, the pavement.

"How are we ever supposed to let our other children walk on the pavement, we don’t let them walk to school very often, we are always worried when they leave for school now.

"Our whole world fell apart. We all cried. A part of us died that day too and we all would give anything to have our Alisha back."

Police Sergeant Louise Warhurst, from GMP’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit said: "Alisha was walking along the footpath where she should have been safe.

"Tragically, Omar Choudhury and Hamidur Rahman were treating the public highway as their personal race track with no regard whatsoever for all other members of the public using the roads in Oldham that day.

"Both these men drove dangerously at astonishing speeds because of a petty disagreement.

"They have demonstrated their arrogance by denying their responsibility throughout, each blaming the other, neither willing to accept responsibility for causing Alisha’s death.

"Thankfully, they were both found guilty.

“I would like to thank all the members of the public that came forward and assisted the police with our investigation."

This footage from Choudhury's mobile showed him driving at high speeds on regular occasions - credit GMP

She continued: "I would like to thank the family, friends and loved ones of Alisha, you have conducted yourself with dignity throughout this trial and our thoughts as a force remain with you all. We hope this investigation provides some form of closure through the justice served.

"I’d also like to remind those who think they can ignore the speed limit to think twice before using their car at high speeds.

"Your actions can devastate innocent members of the public in a split second and no one deserves to lose a loved one the way the family and friends of Alisha have done.

"Dangerous drivers will not be tolerated in our communities. Greater Manchester Police will deal with them robustly to keep people safe form illegal and irresponsible drivers."