Salford thug ambushed and stabbed man over false claim he'd raped his mum

Kaden Worthington was jailed for five years after pleading guilty to the attack Credit: MEN Media

A young thug has been jailed for ambushing and then stabbing a 62-year-old man falsely accused of raping his mother.

Kaden Worthington, 20, of Whittle Street in Worsley was on bail for another knife crime at the time he launched the attack, which left his victim in hospital for a month with broken ribs.

Worthington, an apprentice plumber, has been jailed for five years after pleading guilty to section 18 wounding and possession of a knife.

The defendant carried out an 'ambush-style attack' outside Aldi at Salford shopping precinct on 10 January this year, prosecutor Robert Elias told Manchester Crown Court on Tuesday afternoon.

At the time, witnesses reported the victim had been attacked for his shopping, but the police investigation which brought Worthington down uncovered the defendant had acted in a rage over what turned out to be a false accusation that his mother had been raped by the man.

The victim suffered fractured ribs and a damaged liver in the stabbing which put him in intensive care for three days.

He was only discharged a month after the attack. Mr Elias told the court Worthington had acted because he had been told by his mother the man had raped her, although there was 'no evidence to support that'.

Worthington carried out an 'ambush-style attack' outside Aldi at Salford shopping precinct on 10 January. Credit: MEN Media

His victim had driven to Aldi to do his shopping but as he returned to his car he was attacked by Worthington, who was with his mother and another son, outside the supermarket, the court was told.

CCTV captured the trio outside looking 'as if they were waiting for something', said Mr Elias, who added the Crown 'does not suggest the others knew what Kaden was about to do'.

The defendant then launched a 'very serious attack on the older man', first grabbing his right shoulder to swing him around and then stabbing him in the back.

At first the victim didn't realise he had been stabbed until he saw blood on the ground and Worthington running away, said Mr Elias.

CCTV uncovered by police later captured Worthington, his brother and their mother 'walking off', he said.

The victim suffered one deep wound and he was only released from hospital a month later. "The Crown say this was an extremely forceful stabbing," said Mr Elias, adding that it could have proved fatal and that the victim had been lucky 'in a medical sense'.

The victim later told police he had effectively been given a 'life sentence' and that he had to 'look at [his] scars every day'.

The victim suffered fractured ribs and a damaged liver in the stabbing which put him in intensive care for three days. Credit: MEN Media

When Worthington was arrested and interviewed he expressed 'remorse' for the attack, but admitted he had been 'angry' and 'in a rage over his mother's allegation that she had been raped by the man.

The court heard that at the time of the attack Worthington was on bail for another knife crime, possessing a knife.

Vanessa Thomson, defending, told the court: "There seems to be a very particular set of circumstances that arose on this particular occasion."

She added her client had a 'very difficult background'.

She pointed to Worthington's 'fulsome' admissions when he was interviewed by police. Miss Thomson said her client had endured a 'fractured relationship' with his mother and a 'difficult upbringing'.

Worthington had been in care from the age of 12 and had witnessed a 'very difficult relationship' between his parents, she said.

She pointed to his mother's 'lifestyle' and 'drug-taking', adding that this led to her client effectively becoming a carer for his siblings and his mother.

She said it was not part of her mitigation to say whether or not the rape accusation was true, but she went on that her client 'reacted'.

"He carried this out to prevent it happening again," said Miss Thomson

Judge Nicholas Dean KC, the Recorder of Manchester, told Worthington: "This was an attack you say you carried out because you believed [the victim] had himself attacked your mother and raped her. He had not done that.

"I'm prepared to accept you believed he had. I'm prepared to accept that's what your mother told you at least, but whether you should have accepted what your mother said is quite another matter.

"You planned your attack and acted out of a sense of revenge or retribution."