Dogs turn green after swimming in Sutton Reservoir in Macclesfield

ches dog green fur
Dog owner had to shampoo her dogs clean after the swim left them with green fur Credit: MEN Media

Dog owners have been left puzzled after their pets' fur turned green after swimming in a reservoir.

The dogs' coats became discoloured after they enjoyed one of their regular paddles in the Sutton Reservoir in Macclesfield, Cheshire, on 15 September.Tamsin Gray and her friend were out walking four dogs - three of which had gone into the water for a swim - when they noticed that their fur had gone green.

The 53-year-old said the water was clear and the dogs have not been ill as a result, although it took a shampoo wash to remove whatever was on their fur.They usually take their dogs to the reservoir a couple of times a week and have never had an issue before.

Sutton Reservoir in Macclesfield, where the dogs were paddling Credit: Google

"Blue-green algae was my first fear," Tamsin said. "But we didn't see any algae - the water was clear. We're very aware of blue-green algae and its dangers to dogs.

"Thankfully they haven't had any ill effects, usually they would become poorly quickly."Mine is a cream coloured pooch so you could see straight away. It was like a fluorescent green.

"We immediately took them put of the water and tried to clean them off further down the reservoir but it wasn't working. It only came off with shampoo."The reservoir was pretty empty down by the canal so whether something had been brought up I don't know.

"The Canal and River Trust told me they had someone else call and they were sending people down to test the water and see what it is."We've never had any issue down there whatsoever. We've been walking there because the dogs love swimming so much for about 12 months."The Canal and River Trust, who are responsible for Macclesfield Canal and Sutton Reservoir, have been approached for comment.