Brother of Elle Edwards' killer Connor Chapman given gang injunction in Wirral

Lewis Chapman, 22, was hit with a court order imposing a raft of restrictions aimed at reducing violence and gang related crime in a Wirral crackdown. Credit: Liverpool Echo

The brother of killer Connor Chapman has been banned from entering his home estate and riding any motorbike.

Lewis Chapman, 22, was hit with a court order imposing a raft of restrictions aimed at reducing violence and gang related crime as part of a long-running crackdown in the Wirral.

Lewis is the younger brother of Connor Chapman who murdered Elle Edwards on Christmas Eve outside the Lighthouse Pub in Wallasey.

"Wholly innocent" beautician Elle Edwards, 26, was sat on the edge of a flower box chatting when she was caught in the volley of 12 shots and struck twice in the back of the head.

Connor Chapman was jailed for the murder of Elle Edwards. Credit: Merseyside Police

Connor Chapman had been aiming for two rival gang members, Kieran Salkeld and Jake Duffy, who were stood close to Elle and were also wounded along with three other innocent bystanders.

Detectives concluded that the shooting was the "culmination" of a long-running feud between Chapman's gang, based around the Woodchurch estate, and a rival firm based around the Ford/Beechwood estate on the opposite side of the M53 motorway.

Salkeld and Duffy were known members of the Beechwood firm and had attacked an associate of Chapman, called Sam Searson, the day before the shooting.

Connor Chapman was convicted of Elle's murder, the attempted murders of Salkeld and Duffy and injuring three men and jailed for life with a minimum term of 48 years at Liverpool Crown Court on 7 July.

During his sentencing hearing, Nigel Power, KC, prosecuting, described how his younger brother Lewis had also been shot on Danger Lane, Moreton, on 10 August.

Elle Edwards was killed outside the Lighthouse Pub in Wallasey. Credit: PA Images

Mr Power described that incident as a "significant precursor event" to the shooting on Christmas Eve.

Merseyside Police revealed that Lewis Chapman has been made the subject of a gang injunction imposed by Liverpool County Court following an application from force solicitors.

The notice was served on Lewis Chapman Wednesday 20 September and will remain in force until March 2025.

The conditions of the order mean Chapman is prohibited from:

  • Associating and communicating with a number of named individuals by any means

  • Entering the Woodchurch or Beechwood/Ford estates unless given prior written authority from Merseyside Police

  • Either directly or indirectly using or threatening to use violence against people or property, including by phone or internet

  • Either directly or indirectly engaging in any abusive or threatening conduct including by phone or internet

  • Being in possession of any Class A or B drug

  • Being in possession of any equipment for use in the manufacture, cultivation or distribution of any Class A or B drugs

  • Possessing more than one mobile phone or sim card, which must be registered

  • Riding or being a passenger on any electrically powered bike or scooter, any quad bike, motorbike, scrambler bike, trial bike, or any other type of two wheeled motorised bike within the county of Merseyside.

Any breaches of the prohibitions could result in him being arrested and taken to court. The order follows similar injunctions served on Salkeld and Duffy, who are still serving prison sentences for the attack on Searson, on 25 August.

Merseyside Police are attempting to crackdown on gang crime in the Wirral area. Credit: PA Images

Merseyside Police says the gang injunctions are part of an operation to proactively target gang-related activity in Birkenhead and surrounding areas.

In May, the force launched a project called EVOLVE Wirral with partner agencies - a Home Office-based Clear, Hold, Build strategy to help regenerate areas worst affected by serious and organised crime.

Chief Inspector Duncan Swan, one of the senior officers involved in EVOLVE Wirral, said: “Our officers are dedicated to disrupting the lives of those who are prepared to engage in criminality and by doing so make a positive difference to the communities where these individuals have been causing harm and distress.

"Together with our partners we are using all the powers and legislation available to us to crackdown on gang-related activity and gang injunctions form part of our continued work to make Birkenhead and the surrounding areas safer places to live, work and visit.

"The prohibitions detailed in this injunction are widely known by our local officers and will be policed rigorously so if Chapman breaches his prohibitions, we can act quickly to arrest him and put him back before the courts where he could receive a prison sentence.

“We have recently launched our 'Silence is Not an Option' campaign and urge anyone with information about those involved in organised crime and criminal activity to either contact us or Crimestoppers, anonymously, so we can take the most effective action against organised crime groups who bring misery to our streets.

"Together we are stronger so let's harness that strength and make a difference in Merseyside."