Granada Introducing Manchester 'funky punk' band Loose Articles

An all-female post punk group thought their emails had been hacked when they received a personal invite to support legendary US band the Foo Fighters.

But, Manchester-based Loose Articles quickly realised the invite was real, and now say they cannot wait to be able to play with their all time heroes.

Erin Caine, from Denton, plays guitar and vocals and grew up listening to Nirvana.

"They're my favourite band. So just to meet Dave Grohl is going to be great," she said.

The gig has been rescheduled after it was cancelled following the death of the band's drummer Taylor Hawkins in 2022, but they have honoured their invite.

Natalie Wardle, who plays bass and vocals, said: "They are the biggest band in the world.

"We couldn't believe it when they got in touch, it's great to know we got hand-picked by Dave (Grohl)."

Loose Articles tackling the big issues in their music with humour and sarcasm Credit: Loose Articles

The band formed in 2019 and are currently working on their first album, building on the success of their Kick Like A Girl Tour.

Their song challenges misogyny in sport, which is very topical with the controversy after the Women's World Cup final and the now infamous kiss.

They are also keen to highlight the misogyny in the music business, calling for female artists to be booked for bigger slots and festivals.

Like many bands, featured in the Granada Introducing series they say it is almost impossible to make a living out of music, because of the way they are paid.

Natalie Wardle and Erin Caine on the challenges of making music pay Credit: ITV Granada

Natalie said: "People in bands are the last people to get paid, and we are the ones who actually create the music. Without us there wouldn't be a music  industry."

"Women need to be be taken far more seriously in the music industry, that needs to change as well, we need to get booked for bigger slots and big festival slots."

The band, which includes Abbi Phillips and Louise Rivett on drums and keyboards all have jobs, working in music venues and production, graphic design and education.

Erin says they have gigs almost every weekend, playing to some really big venues, but still it is not possible for them to commit to music full-time.

"It's the end goal, isn't it?" she said. "We all have to do our nine to five jobs, Monday to Friday and then do the band whenever we can.

"And we're just juggling all at the moment so one day, hopefully soon, we can quit our jobs."

The band design their own merchandise and drive their own video production process Credit: ITV Granada

The band's name came after a trip to the theme park Alton Park. Their music tackles some of the big issues from sexism, scamming to climate change.

"I remember being in the queue and I looked at the sign that said, secure all loose articles. And I was like, that's it," Erin said.

They are signed to Alcopop! Records who the band say back them 100%.

They are managed by Karen Boardman from Crisis Music Management, a big player in the music industry, starting out at Manchester's Hacienda nightclub.

Natalie said music is their passion and escape and that is why they want their fans to have fun live. Their lyrics are laced with sarcasm, humour and politics but never preaching.

In Chaos, the opening track on their latest EP they blast out the line: "Politicians will drown under the rising seas before they take these threats seriously, pointing to the lack of action on climate change."

"It gets the attention a bit more when people are laughing, when we are being silly, then they realise they are on about climate change," Erin added.

"It's a good way to get them on board rather than preaching."

The video for Chaos shows them having fun sunbathing while the world burns.

The same big issues will be part of their new songs, and Natalie warning it will be a 'massive sound' with Louise, back from maternity leave, playing keyboard.

"Funky punk" is how she described their up and coming album, yet to be named, but it promises to be challenging, loud and something special.

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