Greater Manchester surgeon struck off for claiming Covid was 'conspiracy to impose new world order'

Mohammed Adil expressed his views in a series of online videos. Credit: YouTube

A senior NHS surgeon who claims the Covid pandemic was a 'worldwide conspiracy' and has publicly criticised lockdowns and vaccines has been struck off.

Mohammed Adil, who worked as a colorectal surgeon at hospitals in Greater Manchester, faced a disciplinary panel for videos he posted on social media where he made conspiracy theories about the Covid-19 pandemic.

He was suspended for six months from medical practice in June 2022 over the posts after he had apologised for the 'silly' remarks.

Adil, who now lives in Milton Keynes, later reiterated the same views, saying he was entitled to 'free speech' and his beliefs were aired outside of work hours.

Adil posted numerous conspiracy theories about the Covid pandemic on social media. Credit: PA Images

Now a fitness to practise panel has ordered his name to be erased from the medical register following a review hearing which he refused to attend.

He has appealed against the ruling.

ITV Granada Reports has chosen not to repeat the statements that Adil made on social media about lockdowns and the Covid vaccine.

A tribunal found Adil used his position as a doctor in the UK to "promote his opinions".

It acknowledged he was a competent surgeon, but said his actions "undermined public health and public confidence in the medical profession" and found his views were "contrary to widely accepted medical opinion at the time".

At the time Adil had since accepted his videos were "wrong and jeopardised the public's trust in the medical profession at the time of the growing Covid pandemic".

Adil had admitted that his comments would jeopardise trust in healthcare professionals during the pandemic. Credit: PA Images

After Adil began to reiterate those views, and was struck off, Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service chairman Mrs Alison Storey said: "Mr Adil still holds, and is willing to publicly reiterate, the views expressed in the videos which were the subject of the misconduct finding.

"The position for him is worse now than it was before the Tribunal in 2022. He has posted further similar comments on social media and is no longer expressing remorse or regret and the insight which was thought to be developing is now seen to be non-existent.

"It may not have been genuine when expressed to the Tribunal in 2022.

"Mr Adil has unquestionably abused his position as a doctor.

"When considering the totality of the misconduct, in particularly his persistent conduct at espousing views that were contrary to widely accepted medical opinion he has demonstrated a deliberate disregard of expected professional standards.

"Mr Adil’s behaviour had the potential to put patients at risk of harm."