Liam Gallagher voicing Manchester's Metrolink announcements

Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has leant his voice to Manchester's Metrolink - announcing the stops on his favourite line.

Passengers will be able to hear the familiar Mancunian tones for four days only as Gallagher helps to celebrate the Bee Network, Greater Manchester's integrated public transport system, and Beyond the Music festival.

But the announcements will remain a mystery for passengers as the Manchester music legend has not revealed the tram line they will be heard on.A spokesperson for Liam Gallagher said: “Liam’s doing his bit to get behind the festival and encourage people to get into the city and support new up and coming talent.

“When the request was first made by Bee Network champion Andy Burnham, Liam loved the idea of surprising tram users by doing the announcements and he was given the chance to choose his favourite line.

"You’ll have to get onto a tram into the city to find out which it is!”

Beyond the Music is a new music festival and conference taking place across Manchester 11 - 14 October 2023.

The festival will see more than 100 artists performing at 17 grassroots venues across the city, with the spotlight on new music and developing talent and infrastructure support for the region.

Organisers are urging the people of Greater Manchester to make most of the new Bee Network system to travel into the city and support the new festival.

Mayor Andy Burnham launched the Bee Network September 2023. Credit: GMCA

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said it was ‘truly wonderful’ to see the inaugural ‘Beyond the Music’ finally taking place.

Beyond the Music co-operative, alongside Manchester City Council, CityCo and the city centre BIDs AO Arena, Coop Live and Factory International, added: "It means a lot to us that Liam has agreed to do this and show his support for his home city.

"Supporting our music venues and giving people cheaper and better public transport to and from our gigs is what we're all about. 

"Am sure that Liam's dulcet tones will wake up a few early-morning commuters, brighten up many a journey and produce a lot of smiles along the way."The Bee Network is Greater Manchester’s first locally controlled bus services in nearly 40 years.

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