Disabled father from Stockport facing homelessness because of lack of available homes

Video Report by Granada Reports Correspondent Anna Youssef.

A dad who was left severely disabled after a sudden stroke says he is facing homelessness as there is no affordable and accessible housing for him to move into.

Gary Crutchley, from Stockport, has been recovering in a brain rehabilitation unit for two years, learning how to walk and talk again after a stroke.

He and his family are now frustrated as he is taking up a medical bed while he waits for a suitable home.

Gary says: "I just want to be back to normal, as in working again and things like that and my mates, pubs and back to work, just general, hopefully that is the idea and I want a home."

The 44-year-old has speech and mobility issues and is unable to read and write but was cleared for discharge six months ago, in April 2023.

While he continues to work hard in rehab he feels like he is living in limbo, with no suitable housing available.

Gary still uses a walking stick to get around Credit: ITV News

Gary's sister Serene Crutchley describes his stroke at the age of 41 as a "huge shock".

She said: "We didn't know if he would ever walk again but with the help of the physio team they got him up and moving.

"He does have a splint and has trouble with this arm as well. It doesn't work very well and he has had speech and language therapy.

"So from the initial stages it was learning how to swallow, eat, through to learning how to speak again and although that's still a work in progress he is getting a lot better."

Stockport Council's offered Gary a place to live at an elderly person's care home but his family say it would strip him of his independence.

Serene says: "He is too young to go in there yet and he doesn't want to be housed within a room within a unit.

"He wants to be in his own place so he can socialise with his friends or his daughter or family, he doesn't want to be inconveniencing other people around him because he wants to live a normal life."

Gary with his daughter Credit: family photo

A spokesperson for Stockport council said: "The Council is sorry to hear about the difficulties and anxiety experienced by the gentleman and his family.We are supporting the gentleman and are aware he has been liaising with Stockport Homes."

Stockport Homes Group said: "To meet Mr Crutchley’s needs, we are looking to directly offer the next partially adapted flat in his areas of choice to ensure he can return to independent living in the mainstream community as quickly as possible and regain a greater degree of independence."

Gary's parents are now trying to raise enough money to convert their garage into a flat so he can live near them, but they do not see it as long-term solution.

Gary's Mum Sue Crutchley says: "The reason we want Gary to have his own place is we are getting older, we don't know how long we have got our health for and I just want to put my mind at rest that Gary is safe and has got a place of his own for the future."

The family have set up a Go Fund Me page to help build an adapted home for Gary.

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