Boxer Tommy Fury criticises KSI but refuses to rule out rematch

Tommy Fury spoke to Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain

Tommy Fury has said he was disappointed with KSI's performance in their six-round boxing match, but has refused to dismiss the possibility of a rematch.

Judges unanimously named the former Love Island star the winner of his fight with KSI, which took place at The AO Arena in Manchester on 14 October.

Brother Tyson Fury, the WBC heavyweight champion, watched on at ringside as Fury landed several eye-catching blows.

KSI criticised the decision, and has since called for a rematch.

When the results were announced, he said: "It’s a robbery bro. We’re gonna appeal. I felt like I won that."

After rewatching the fight, Tommy Fury spoke to Good Morning Britain.

He said: "We only just fought on Saturday but it has got my blood racing again.

"At the end of the day he can come out and say what he wants but hugging and doing star jumps does not win a fight."

Tommy Fury (right) and KSI in action during their bout Credit: Press Association

Tommy Fury also dismissed KSI's claims that he was "robbed" of the win, noting that KSI organised the event and hired the judges.

He said: "It was his show, his officials, his own judges, so are you saying that your own people who you employed robbed you?

Despite his frustrations, Tommy Fury refused to rule out a rematch between himself and KSI.

He said: "We’re gonna see, but that was a horrible fight to be a part of. He didn’t wanna fight, he didn’t want to stand there and give the fans a good fight.

"I’m not too sure, we’ll assess what’s best and go from there."

On the night, it was reported that Tommy Fury won by majority decision, however the judges revealed on 16 October, two days after the fight, that the score card was wrong.

Since then, the official score has been corrected and it has been announced that Tommy Fury won unanimously.

On the decision, he said: "I’m glad the judges knew how it was meant to be scored. There was one guy in there trying to make a fight out of it, because it is a boxing match.

"It’s not a running track, it’s not an athletics track, star jumps don’t win fights."

KSI is not the first YouTuber Tommy Fury has defeated in a boxing match. In February 2023, he fought Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia and won after eight rounds and a split decision from the judges.

Jake Paul, left, and Tommy Fury pose after a face-off in the ring Credit: PA

Tommy said: "I really didn’t see me taking these fights but they’re great financially"

The fight was the main match of The Misfits Event, which saw professional fighters go up against YouTube stars for six rounds.

Tommy said: "This is what people’s into right now, why not give the fans what they want to see? As you can see from the pay-per-view buys… it was a sold out arena, the fight sold out itself within a couple of hours."

However, Tommy said he was still disappointed in KSI's performance.

He said: "If these YouTubers want to come into professional boxing they better learn how to box, not do star jumps running around the ring hugging people. You know, I feel like the fight on Saturday was very scrappy, it made me look bad in the process."

Before any talks of his next fight can take place, Tommy Fury says he's going to be enjoying some family time. During his training for the match, the professional boxer only saw his fiancé, Molly Mae, and their baby daughter once a week.

Molly-Mae Hague reacts after Tommy Fury beats KSI. Credit: Press Association

He said: "It’s been so tough but… I cant switch from being a super dad, a cuddly dad, a cuddly fiancé giving kisses and cuddles out to then a few hours later going to training and wanting to rip someone’s head off.

"Nothing comes before my family and home life, so it wouldn’t be fair to my family coming through the door with just the fight on my mind and that’s all you need while you’re in training camp. So I prefer to go away and focus on the fight."

His win over KSI extends his record to 10-0 as a professional.

During the events other main fight, KSI's fellow YouTuber and business parter Logan Paul defeated MMA fighter Dillon Danis. In the final round of their fight, Danis was disqualified after using a guillotine move on Paul, and more than 30 security guards were brought into the ring to separate the two fighters.

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