'I like that kind of chaotic life' - Paris Fury on her kids, her husband, and living in Morecambe

Caroline Whitmore spoke to Paris Fury about her kids, her husband, and Sainsbury jackets.

Paris Fury has opened up about the struggles of managing fame and family life, while still finding time for herself.

The reality TV star and author is the husband of boxing champion Tyson Fury, as well as the mother of their seven children.

Paris said: "You always put them ahead of yours. You know, if I had a sandwich, you can guarantee one of them's coming over to take off. I'll get half a bite and then it's like, 'what you eating mum?'"

The reality TV star, originally from Doncaster but now living in Morecambe, saw her fame skyrocket after appearing in 'At Home With The Furys.'

Four of Tyson and Paris Fury's seven children Credit: Paris Fury

The Netflix series offered an honest view into the chaotic lives of Tyson and Paris Fury, as they dealt with fame and raising six children.

Paris said: "There is times when it's stressful, but I enjoy it. I like that kind of chaotic life."

On 18 September, the Fury family grew even bigger with the birth of their seventh child, named Rico after Tyson Fury's cousin who was murdered in Manchester in 2022.

Tyson and Paris' four-week-old baby boy, named Rico after his late cousin. Credit: Paris Fury

In September, Paris released her second book; 'How Does She Do It?' In the book, Paris explain how she juggles running the Tyson household while also 'looking amazing.'

"I'm very organised, but the last two days has been very chaotic at home.

"I realised last night, you know what, I don't have a stitch to wear. So I had to run to Sainsbury's last night to buy my jacket just so I could... look presentable."

Paris Fury's new book; How Does She Do It? Credit: Paris Fury

Despite the stress, Paris is still dead set on her plan to have ten children.

She said: "It's the picture in the future that I look at. I'm looking at the dream side

"Obviously there's the nightmare where they're all going mental at one point of this chaos, you know, there's food up the floor."

Paris also has no plans to leave Morecambe, even if Sainsbury's is her closest clothes shop.

She said: "We love Morecambe. We live there because it's peaceful. But then you have to sacrifice the fact that you don't have a big shop or a Zara's."

The Fury's are facing a busy month, with Paris' brother-in-law Tommy Fury having defeated KSI in a six round boxing match at The AO Arena in Manchester on 14 October.

Paris said: "I didn't manage to go. I really wanted to. It was literally only just down the road here in Manchester."

Paris is planning to attend her husbands upcoming fight against Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia on 28 October.

She said: "I'm hoping to get over to him next week to go and see that. He's already gone."

She's been ringside at almost all of Tyson's professional fights since she married him at 18.

She said: "I pretend I'm in the ring. His brother's there. He's big, loud. He knows boxing. So whatever he shouts, I repeat it."

Looking beyond October, Tyson Fury is set to fight Oleksandyr Usyk in a unification match next year. If he wins, he will be the first boxer to hold all four major Heavyweight belts at the same time.

Paris said: "I'm kind of hoping after he's done that, then he can finally hang up the towel and say that is the end of boxing.

"Tyson has owned all the belts, but at separate times... I don't think it really matters to him too much no more. I think he's really pleased with everything he's done his career."