Coleen Nolan returns to Blackpool to kick off her first solo tour

Coleen Nolan says she is excited to return to her hometown Blackpool to launch her first solo tour 'Naked', at her "favourite theatre ever".

In 1974, the television personality begun her career as part of the biggest selling girls group The Nolans.

Her new tour begins 9 February 2024 at the Grand Theatre and Coleen will be singing a collection of her favourite songs across 16 different locations across the country.

Coleen explained that the title of the tour reflects how she feels about performing on her own.

She said: "The Naked vibe came from the fact how this tour is making me feel, and it's making me feel incredibly vulnerable and exposed because I've never done this before.

"Obviously I've toured before and performed all my life but I had my whole family surrounding me.

"The teacup is because I'm known as a tea addict, my only tattoo that I've got is a teapot."

Coleen spoke about the early years of The Nolans and credited the song I'm in the Mood for Dancing as her breakthrough moment.

She said: "I will never be sick of it, if it wasn't for that song I would not be sitting here talking to you and I am really proud of it. I love it!

"When I was in the group and when I was growing up, I hardly said a word. I was so self conscious of speaking, and then I do my own chat show and now I'm doing my own tour."

In July, Coleen was diagnosed with skin cancer and revealed that she laughed when it was discovered.

She said: "I laughed, I thought he was winding me up and he's not funny. Cancer just loves our family, we actually laugh now."

Linda Nolan, Coleen's sister, is currently fighting her third bout with cancer and Coleen says she has been 'unbelievable'.

She said: "She has been all the whole way through let's be honest. The will to live and her mental strength is off the scale, she is already looking forward to being here on the ninth."

Tickets for her Blackpool show are available on the Grand Theatre website.

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