Liverpool FC issue statement after Luis Diaz's parents kidnapped in Colombia

2910 DIAZ
Liverpool say the player's welfare "continues to be our priority" Credit: PA Images

Liverpool say it is their "fervent hope" that Luis Diaz’s parents are returned safely after reports in Colombia that the pair had been kidnapped.

It's reported they were taken by armed men after being approached by a gang on motorbikes in the municipality of Barrancas.

Subsequent claims have been published reporting that Diaz’s mum, Cilenis has since been rescued but his dad, Luis Manuel Diaz, remains missing.

Liverpool says it is "aware" of the situation Credit: Liverpool FC

On Sunday October 29 Liverpool released a statement which said:

"Liverpool Football Club can confirm it is aware of an ongoing situation involving the family of Luis Diaz in Colombia.

"It is our fervent hope that the matter is resolved safely and at the earliest possible opportunity. In the meantime, the player’s welfare will continue to be our immediate priority."

Diaz is almost certain to miss Sunday’s visit from Nottingham Forest at Anfield after the incident in his homeland.