'Angel' lollipop lady celebrates 53 years of helping children in Manchester

  • ITV Granada Reports correspondent Paul Crone went to visit Heather

A Lollipop lady is celebrating 53 years of helping children to cross the streets safely - "brightening" the day of children and parents.

Heather Morris, 84, who is known for her phrase "right sweethearts" to signal children to cross the road, says she "really loves" her job.

She said: "I really love it. I wished more people would do it, we need them badly.

"It gives you something to do, it gives you something to look forward to! The kids talk to you and they're everything, they are ever so good.

"They are ever so nice, ever so polite! Really polite my children."

Kirsten Jones, who used to take her children the school on Glebelands Road in Sale, said: "She's like an angel in Hi-Vis. She is perfect!

"When I used to live across the road there, having two children 13 months apart, they were really a handful in the morning sometimes... when I'd go home I would always be laughing because Heather would brighten my day."

Heather first became a lollipop lady in 1970, since then she has helped generations of children travel to school.

In 2010, Heather was awarded an M.B.E in the new year honours list.