Free light trail illuminates Wigan with impressive displays

A competition was launched earlier this year for school-aged children from across the borough to draw a Wigan Borough Icon and a competitive process followed.

It's the last evening of this year's three day Light Night event in Wigan.

More than 20 thousand people will have passed through the town centre over the past two nights to see 17 different displays.

Three youngsters have produced life-sized neon artworks after winning a borough-wide competition and these also feature on the trail.

It includes a  light up Andy Farrell, Crusty the Pie and Ella Toone, which were designed by primary school children.

Other installations have been created by local, national and international artists.

Artwork includes the immersive Luminosi Trees by Sound Intervention, which allows visitors to play with sound and light, and Firefly Field from Studio Toer, which simulates the movements of fireflies darting and hovering above the ground.

The free event, curated by Things That Go On Things, runs until Saturday 18th November.