Handwritten plan to kill Warrington teen Brianna Ghey shown to a jury

Granada Reports correspondent Rob Smith is following the trial

A hand-written note detailing a plan to kill 16-year-old Brianna Ghey which was found on the bedroom floor of one of her alleged murderers has been shown in court.

Notes on serial killers including Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez and Harold Shipman were also discovered in a black Pukka notebook when police searched the home of a then-15-year-old suspect.

The girl, identified only as Girl X, is on trial at Manchester Crown Court alongside a boy, known as Boy Y, both now 16. They deny the charges and blame each other for the killing.

Brianna was found stabbed 28 times with a hunting knife in Culceth Linear Park, near Warrington.

The crumpled note, which is dated "Saturday 11th February 2023" has a love heart drawn in its upper-right corner, and contained a plan to kill Brianna with Boy Y's help, written by Girl X.

The note reads: "Meet Boy Y at wooden posts 1pm. Walk down to library bus stop. Wait until Brianna gets of [sic] bus then... walk to Linear Park."

The handwritten murder plan found in Girl X's bedroom. Credit: Cheshire Police

It continues: "Go to the pipe / tunnel area. I say codeword to Boy Y. He stabs her in the back as I stab her in stomach.

"Boy Y drags the body into the area. We both cover up the area with logs etc."

The note was found in Girl X's room after she was arrested.

During the same search on 17 March, officers found a seperate note found in a draw headlined 'plan'.It continued: "Give them alcohol with sleeping pills."Slit throat. I kill her. Dismember body. Place pieces in bin bags, bury bags 7ft underground, bones including.“Get her to go to Linear park, go to the hidden spot near the bridge I usually go to. Someone jumps out and restrains her (plan B). I kill her."

Police also found written references to infamous serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy.

Brianna with her mum; Esther Ghey Credit: Family handout

Another page had Boy Y's name as the header, with a 'list of qualities or attributes' below it.Words underneath included 'trustworthy, funny, sociopath, good sense of humour, very very smart, genius level and not sociable'.

Earlier in the day's proceedings, a forensic scientist gave evidence and was cross-examined by Boy Y's lawyer.

Brianna’s blood was found on boy Y’s trainers and black ski-jacket, as well as on a hunting knife found in his bedroom at his home, the jury was told.

Boy Y claims he came into contact with Brianna after the co-accused, Girl X, stabbed her. In his version of events, he ran over to check whether she was still alive as she lay on the ground.

However, Jane Roughley, a forensic scientist, said the amount of blood on the jacket boy Y was wearing was more than she would expect if he had simply touched her to see if she was still alive.

None of Brianna’s blood was found on the clothing of girl X, the court heard.

Brianna Ghey’s mother Esther Ghey arriving at Manchester Crown Court Credit: left

Jane Roughley, who visited the scene and examined blood-stained items said her overall conclusion was consistent with Brianna being attacked at or near a bench, either sitting or standing, or near the top of some steps nearby, where her body was found.

Richard Pratt KC, defending girl X, said Boy Y’s suggestion that Girl X had done the stabbing was "not realistic", with no blood transfer to her clothing.

Mr Pratt continued: "If Girl X used the knife 28 times, to not find it – extraordinary – not a drop of blood on her jacket. That’s what Boy Y’s account is."

Instead, he suggested Girl X’s account, that Boy Y inflicted the injuries, was consistent with the scientific evidence of no blood on her clothing.

Miss Roughley said the evidence does not point either way, as a wound can be inflicted without blood being transferred.

Mr Pratt continued: "What scientific finding is inconsistent with Girl X’s account?"

Miss Roughly replied, "There are none."

Two teenagers are on trial at Manchester Crown Court, accused of the murder of Brianna Ghey Credit: Peter Byrne PA

Earlier, the jury heard Girl X and Boy Y had a fixation with torture, violence and death and drew up a "kill list" of child victims.

They both deny murder. The trial continues.