Police recycle nearly 1,000 tonnes of counterfeit items to help vulnerable people in Manchester

In the last 14 months, Greater Manchester Police have raided hundreds of counterfeit shops. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

Nearly 1,000 tonnes of counterfeit items seized from the police have been recycled into materials that can help vulnerable people in Manchester.

Over the last 14 months, Greater Manchester Police were determined to put counterfeit products to better use in a mission called Operation Vulcan.

Unsafe products from the raids have been recreated into new items such as bedding or blankets.

Items made from safe materials were also offered to local charities and community organisations.

Outside the Mustard Tree building. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

Inspector Dan Cullum, a specialist officer from Operation Vulcan, said: “The community and their needs are at the heart of Operation Vulcan and the fact that we have been able to repurpose and recycle everything and give it back to those in need really makes a difference.”

This week, the policing team donated hundreds of clothing products to Mustard Tree, a local charity which supports people who experience poverty or homelessness.

Harry Dwan, a member from Mustard Tree said: “This donation is gratefully received and will now be provided to those who need it most such as those sleeping on the streets, low-income families and those who are most vulnerable in the community. We can’t thank Tim and the Op Vulcan team enough.”