Chorley businesswoman completes chemotherapy as she shares her cancer journey

  • Video report by Granada Reports Journalist Anna Youssef

The Chorley businesswoman Suzy Orr, who has been sharing her cancer journey, has reached another milestone.

She has rung the bell after completing her final session of chemotherapy at Chorley Hospital.

Suzy was diagnosed with breast cancer in June after a routine mammogram. Since then she has invited ITV Granada Reports cameras to film every step of her treatment, in the hope of encouraging more women to get checked.

30% of women in the North West do not attend their routine mammogram appointments.

The take up rate is particularly low in the Asian and Afro-Carribbean communities.

Suzy wore a Christmas jumper for her final chemotherapy session Credit: ITV

Suzy said she felt "emotional but positive" on reaching the latest milestone

"You have to celebrate the last one just before Christmas. I know Christmas Day I will probably be under the duvet and that is fine, it's just a day and we will have our Christmas dinner on a day when I can set the table and enjoy it."

Suzy has suffered side effects of chemotherapy, and says usually three days after the treatment she "takes a nosedive."

"There’s been really dark moments - sickness, diarrhoea, chemo is horrible....I thought initially that the hair loss would be the problem but I did the brave the shave and I actually owned it. I thought I quite like that!"

Suzy's breast cancer was diagnosed after a routine mammogram Credit: ITV

By sharing her story, Suzy has raised awareness of breast cancer and every time she has shared a step of her journey there has been an increase in the number of women having mammograms.

"I’ve had people that I don't know messaging me on social media saying I am going for my mammogram or I have never done one before but you have made me go for my mammogram."

She's still faces a course of radiotherapy in the New Year, but says she is looking forward to 2024. .

"You have to just look forward and I think what it’s done for me. I was always grateful for life and the universe and what have you, but for me it’s really made me look forward to popping a cork on New Year’s Eve and 2024 is going to be a belter. So I’m just positivity pants all the way!"

Suzy has a fundraising page for Boot Out Breast Cancer