Lancashire cheese-makers refuse to crumble after devastating fire

  • A video report by Granada Reports reporter Tim Scott

A fourth-generation family of cheesemakers has managed to bounce back in time for the festive period after a serious fire destroyed their base.

The blaze ripped through Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses packing and processing plant in Longridge on Monday 6 November.

Since then, a new site is being used to try and fulfil orders in time for Christmas.

The building was completely destroyed, as was their stock of hard cheese, destined for supermarkets across the country.

They had to move the operation to their dairy, a few miles down the road in Inglewhite.

It may be a little cramped in there now, with all of the staff, processing and packing crammed into one building, but they're making it work.

Soft cheese ripening

With all of their hard cheese destroyed, the firm have concentrated on making their line of soft cheese, which doesn't need as long to mature.

Business owner Matthew Hall said: "The cows are still milking, milk still needs to go to cheese, and it's actually quite therapeutic to start doing something.

"The more steps forward you take the better you feel!"