Cladding campaigners call for quicker Government intervention to help make homes safe

People living in flats affected by dangerous cladding, are calling on the government to step up and help them more quickly in the wake of their assistance for postmasters affected by the Horizon IT scandal.

Despite changes in the law, thousands of buildings across the country are still yet to have their cladding replaced and made safe.

Flat owners with unsafe cladding call for reform Credit: ITV Granada

It means residents like Giles Grover in Manchester, are unable to sell their properties and move on.

Mr Grover said: "I think the Post Office scandal has shone a major light on our scandal and many other injustices that have been happening. The government is now doing a bit more but it is still relying upon industry, upon the building owners to make the building safe."

He added: " What it needs to do is just fix the buildings and recover the money later, which is something we have been calling for for the last five years."

Giles Grover is calling for the Government to take further action to keep homeowners safe Credit: ITV Granada

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A spokesman for the Department for Levelling up said they had been clear that developers need to get on with the job so that leaseholders and tenants can move on with their lives.

He said work had started or finished on more than half of the buildings identified with unsafe cladding but added: "We know more needs to be done and at a faster pace... we continue to work with the local enforcement authorities and have direct contact with those responsible for unsafe buildings.”