The Granada Debate: MPs lead tributes to veteran Labour MP Sir Tony Lloyd

MPs from across the political divide have paid tribute to veteran Rochdale MP  Sir Tony Lloyd who has died only days after announcing that he was suffering from an incurable form of leukaemia.

Speaking on January's Granada Debate, Labour's Bootle MP Peter Dowd, Bury North's Conservative MP James Daly and Tom Morrison who is a Liberal Democrat candidate for Cheadle all took time to speak about Sir Tony.

Peter Dowd MP said: "I can simply say he was a thoroughly decent and good man. I couldn't get any more praiseworthy for Tony. 

"He was kind, considerate, gentle and thoughtful. He really was one of the best 

"I’m so sorry for his family that he has his passed and I send my commiserations and condolences to his family."

Bury North MP James Daly said:

"I never came across a better, more decent person in politics. He was always kind and never rude.

"He was a man who cared about his constituents and he's probably a model as to how people should be an MP. A genuinely great man."

Topics this month under the spotlight were the ongoing fallout of the Post Office scandal, homelessness issues affecting the north west and each panel member's hopes for their parties as we head into a general election year.