Woman says Cheshire police officer took advantage of her when she was 'drunk and vulnerable'

18/08/22 Chester Crown Court
Jordan Masterson was a serving officer based in Widnes. Credit: PA Images

A woman has told a court how she felt "violated" when a police officer allegedly took advantage of her when she was “drunk and vulnerable”.

A jury at Chester Crown Court was shown body cam footage of Jordan Masterson, 28, arriving at the home of the woman in the early hours of 28 December 2021.

The complainant, who had called 999 to report a disturbance, can initially be seen crying in the video, which is turned off by Masterson, while the two stand in the kitchen of the home.

The woman, referred to in court as female G, said she had been drunk and her memory of the time was “hazy”.

She said: “How does this happen? How do you call the police and he ends up taking advantage of you when you’re drunk and vulnerable?"

Mr Masterson, who has since resigned from the Cheshire Constabulary in 2022, denies misconduct in a public office.

The woman said she remembered Masterson placing his hand on hers as she leant on the kitchen counter knowing "a line had been crossed".

She said: “I instantly knew this wasn’t right, it just didn’t feel right.”

Credit: PA Images

She said her next memory was being completely undressed on the couch in her living room, while Masterson was still clothed.

Vanessa Thomson, defending, said Masterson’s account was that the woman indicated he should turn his body worn camera off and she touched his hand, but he pulled away and told her to sit on the sofa.

The court heard Masterson said the woman put her legs on him when he sat next to her on the sofa and then tried to kiss him, before leaving the room when he pushed her off and returning naked.

The woman said: “Absolutely not.”

Ms Thomson said Masterson claimed he resisted the woman as she began kissing him and trying to pull his police vest off but then “froze” as she pulled him towards the sofa and they then had sex.

The barrister said: “Throughout all of this he just froze, he didn’t engage in it at all.”

The woman said: “Not one thing of that happened, no.”

She accepted when she rang the police later that morning, after Masterson had been to her home a second time, she used the word “rape”, although she later said she had wanted sex.

She said: “That’s the word to describe how I felt. I felt completely violated.”

She added: “I was absolutely terrified. This is a police officer, I had to be so careful.

“You can’t throw the word rape around like it’s nothing but the violation I felt, it wasn’t sex.

"I don’t even know what word to use. It wasn’t sex, it was just disgusting. It was a complete and utter violation of me in my home.”

He denies misconduct in a public office the trial is expected to last seven days.