Bury FC ask fans to give up flight seats for players and club staff

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Bury FC say they have to get the players to the Isle of Man Credit: Bury FC

Bury FC have been forced to re-schedule their match against the FC Isle of Man for Sunday 18 February, after their players flight was cancelled.

The plane was due to take off from Manchester Airport on Saturday morning, ahead of the 6pm kick off fixture at The Bowl stadium in Douglas.

Just after 2pm on Saturday, the club issued a statement to let fans know the match was off after plans heading to the Isle of Man were left unable to land due to fog, known as 'Manannan’s Cloak'.

Flights from Manchester to the Isle of Man were disrupted on Saturday Credit: Manchester

The statement said: "We are aware of the travel disruption which has blighted all traveling to the Isle of Man for tonight’s fixture.

"We are in dialogue with all stakeholders, and currently considering the impacts on all aspects of getting games played, be that player welfare, ground availability and policing requirements.

"While this is reviewed supporters are advised to refrain from re-scheduling their own arrangements while this is reviewed fully.

"Further communication will be provided as soon as possible."

A further statement then asked any supporters who were booked on a 6pm flight to the Isle of Man who would be prepared to give up their seat for players / staff, to make themselves known.

The club added they want to try and kick off the match on Sunday 18 February at 11am.

It is thought around 800 Bury fans made the trip over to the Isle of Man on the ferry on Friday night.

Larissa is one Bury fan traveling to the game. She posted on social media to say her flight went to the Isle of Man, circled 5 times then came back to Manchester, so she was now on the ferry.

Bury FC said supporters who are able to give up their flight seats for the players and staff will be offered premium seats on the Isle of Man Steam Packet for their trip.