Family say time is running out for surgery for daughter with rare 'locked jaw' condition

  • Video report by ITV Granada Reports correspondent Mel Barham

A family from Lancashire warn time is running out to help their daughter who has a rare condition which means her jaw is permanently locked closed.

Lauren Bolton, 29, from Rossendale is now living in constant pain and unable to eat solid food and her family fear her health will continue to deteriorate without urgent surgery.

"I can't imagine a life not in pain, because I have lived in pain for so long".

She has spent 15 years trying to get a diagnosis and treatment plan for the debilitating jaw condition.

Her family say she was told her pain was likely muscular, caused by her clenching or grinding her teeth.

But she was misdiagnosed and has now been diagnosed with late stage Temporomandibular Joint Disease (TMD).

This means her jaw joint is catastrophically damaged, and her only option is a full replacement.

Lauren Bolton is unable to eat solid food because her jaw is 'locked closed' Credit: ITV Granada

Lauren is entirely restricted to a liquidised diet and her weight and BMI has dropped to a dangerously low level.

She said "it even hurts her to talk" and she is in "constant pain".

Her mother Denise said: "If that money was available and Lauren was able to have the surgery it would give her so much to look forward to."

"It is difficult to imagine Lauren leading a normal life, she can't go out to eat and doesn't socialise now, which is very difficult."

Lauren is now just six stones and under the care of a dietician. Her family are worried about the impact on her organs and fear she could die before surgery.

Her parents have been told there are only a handful of surgeons who can carry out bilateral jaw joint replacement surgery and most only work in private practice.

  • Video: Lauren Bolton and her mum Denise describing the painful condition

The cost of this surgery is £80,000, with an additional cost of £10,000 for arthroscopy, using a camera to show the joint space.

Lauren's parents have set up a fundraising page with the target of raising £95,000 to start the treatment as soon as possible.

Toni Bull, a nurse and health visitor knows how difficult it is to live with the painful condition as Lauren's and said she had no quality of life.

She was in constant pain and unable to eat solid food and paid privately for the surgery at Harley Street.

She said it transformed her life and now she is part of a support group for others diagnosed with jaw conditions.

  • Video: Toni Bull was forced to pay privately for the same surgery Lauren needs

If you think you or someone you know might have TMD, you can click here for more information on symptoms, support and advice.

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