Metal detectorist reunites World War One medal with family of East Lancashire regiment soldier

A metal detectorist who uncovered a First World War service medal has managed to track down the soldier's great niece and reunite her with the sentimental item.

Stephen Brame discovered the silver medal while detecting in a field in Accrington, Lancashire, on Armistice day 2023.

At first, he thought it was a George V silver coin, but it was not until he cleaned it up and did some research that he discovered it was a service medal.

World War One service medal. Credit: Stephen Brame

Stephen said: "Honestly, I dug the hole and what came out was what I thought it was a silver coin.

"It was only when I got home, that I cleaned it up and realised it was a medal. It was unbelievable really, to actually find a medal on Armistice day."

After some research, Stephen and an archaeologist discovered the medal belonged to Private Nicholas Farnworth, a soldier who served with the East Lancashire Regiment during the First World War.

Pte Nicholas Farnworth served with the East Lancashire Regiment during the First World War. Credit: Stephen Brame

Stephen continued: "I suspect what happened is that he was attending a Remembrance Sunday service.

"I think he was walking through the field with his medal on and he's either tripped or fell because the medal itself is not complete. It's only the circular part of the medal and not the holder."

There is still no picture of Nicholas, but after weeks of searching, Stephen managed to track down his great niece Lisa and return the medal to her.

Stephen returning Pte Nicholas Farnworth's World War One medal to his great niece Lisa.

Lisa Walmsley said: "It's an honour to be contacted. People like Stephen are giving us a lot back in terms of history and particularly when it's people that have fought for us in war, so I am thankful.

"Hopefully there maybe other family that are more direct [to Nicholas] that may come forward."

Although what Private Nicholas looks like remains a mystery, Stephen’s uncovered a piece of history, that has helped bridge generations.