Lancashire lottery winners now have as much money as Dua Lipa and Raheem Stirling

raheem again
Raheem Sterling Credit: PA

The new found wealth is still sinking in for Lancashire couple Richard and Debbie Nuttall after they won a EuroMillions jackpot.

The couple who are both 54 are now £61 million pounds richer, putting their wealth alongside pop stars and Hollywood actors.

Dua Lipa Credit: PA

Dua Lipa's latest world tour made more than £80 million and she is currently working on her third studio album.

The popstar from London may have made her name and her money through music, but she is now branching out.

The 27-year-old has a lifestyle newsletter and podcast, and has landed modelling and advertising contracts with Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, Jaguar and Adidas. She also stars in the Barbie movie.

The former Manchester City star now play for Chelsea where he earns about £325,000 a week.

Raheem Sterling Credit: PA

The 28 year old tops up his wealth with sponsorship deals, including an endorsement partnership with New Balance.

Not satisfied with making money through football, he has also set up a Stockport-based property company with his fiancée, Paige Milian.

Emma Watson's spell in the Harry Potter franchise helped earn her £50 million, more recent blockbusters like Beauty and the Beast in 2017 gave her £15 million.

Emma Watson Credit: PA

Stepping away from the silver screen, the 33 year old has an investment company called Hestia Hebe, that shows wealth of £23.2 million.

The British actress has just launched a gin brand with her brother.

The former One Direction star releases his third album this summer.

Niall Horan Credit: PA

The 29 year old is expected to earn at least £6 million as a coach on the US version of The Voice.

The singer songwriter has also launched a golf management company called Modest! that already has a host of high profile clients.