Labour's Burnham, Rotheram and Dennett re-elected as mayors of Manchester, Liverpool and Salford

ITV Granada's Claire Hannah spoke to Andy Burnham after the results were announced.

Labour has held on to all three Metro Mayors across the North West after results were announced on Saturday 4 May.

Andy Burnham was re-elected as the Metro Mayor for Greater Manchester in a landslide victory.

Steve Rotheram was re-elected as the Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, increasing his vote share on the last election.

And Paul Dennett was re-elected as Salford City Mayor.

Mr Burnham won a third term with 420,000 votes, with the Conservative candidate Laura Evans coming in second with 68,000 votes.

Mr Rotheram beat his nearest rival by more than 156,000 votes, resulting in 68% of the vote share and increasing his vote share by 9.7 points.

The count for the Liverpool City region mayoral election Credit: ITV News

Meanwhile Paul Dennett, received 61.5% of the vote in Salford, after the results were announced on Saturday evening.

He beat Conservative councillor Jillian Collinson and four other candidates. This will be Paul’s third term in office as city mayor

Speaking after he was re-elected, Andy Burnham said Britain "desperately needs a new Government and a fresh start and from here, we will work hard to bring that change about."

Mr Burnham said the "Westminster one size fits all approach" has not worked for parents in Harpurhey, "trapped in debt because of the pernicious combination of the housing and the benefit system" or for communities "suffering the after effects of youth violence and struggling to make sense of it".

Andy Burnham is congratulated by the Conservative candidate Laura Evans Credit: GMCA

He added: "And the truth is this. If you have an education system overly focused on the university route, you will leave some young people growing up without hope.

"If you have a benefit system overly focused on sanctions rather than support, you will end up with a growing mental health crisis.

"And if housing policy is exclusively focused on promoting homeownership, you will leave millions trapped in a housing crisis. Greater Manchester is ready to break out of this.

Andy Burnham giving his acceptance speech after being re-elected for a third term as Mayor of Greater Manchester Credit: GMCA

"Devolution in England is working and these elections show voters are buying into it, but it is time now to go much further.

"My new mission will be to give everyone growing up here an equal alternative to the university route. So all our young people have a path in life and hope in their heart.

"And my new plea to Westminster is to give us the powers to free ourselves from the grip of the housing crisis and let us build a benefit system that helps people move forward rather than holds them back."

Andy Burnham said he knows people who usually support other parties have lent him their support in this election, and "in return I will always respect that and I will continue to adopt a place first rather than party first approach, which is the foundation of Greater Manchester's success".

He added that he will take the result as an "instruction to complete the building of a public transport system that befits a city region of our stature.

"And I will do it within this new mayoral term, uniting bike, bus, tram and train in a single integrated system," he said.

ITV Granada's Andrew Fletcher spoke to Steve Rotheram straight after his re-election - here's his full interview

Writing on X, Steve Rotheram thanked the people of the Liverpool City Region "for putting your faith in me once again."

"I promise I won’t let you down. We’re taking back our future,” he added.

Mr Rotheram has urged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to call a general election saying “we are ready when you are”.

He also criticised the Government’s “regressive voter ID laws”.

Labour's Steve Rotheram re-elected as mayor of Liverpool City Region Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Speaking after he was re-elected, Rotheram said: “To those who were unable to have their voices heard because of the Government’s regressive ID laws, I understand your disappointment, I met many people on the doorstep who couldn’t vote and I think its wrong to deny a single person their democratic right to vote.

“But today the people in our area have not only spoken, they’ve hollered at the top of their voices, with two simple and clear messages: To the Government, enough is enough, and locally, Labour is delivering in power.”

Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Paul Dennett, who was re-elected as Salford City Mayor with 61.5% of the vote, said holding the position was the “most rewarding and humbling experience” of his life.

He said the “Westminster and Whitehall model” of governing was “clearly broken and detached from ordinary people’s lives”.

In a speech after the declaration, he said: “The Tories have been roundly rejected by the people in this country, losing nearly 500 council seats across 107 councils in these elections.

“Both locally and nationally it is clear that the Tories have fundamentally lost their way and it is clearly now time for a general election and for this Government to step aside and make way for a Labour government.”

These are the official results: LABOUR HOLD LIVERPOOL CITY REGION

  • Steve Rotheram (Lab) 183,932 (68.01%)

  • Jade Marsden (C) 27,708 (10.24%)

  • Tom Crone (Green) 26,417 (9.77%)

  • Rob McAllister-Bell (LD) 21,366 (7.90%)

  • Ian Smith (Ind) 11,032 (4.08%)

  • Lab maj 156,224 (57.76%)

  • Electorate 1,149,736; Turnout 270,455 (23.52%)

These are the official results: LABOUR HOLD GREATER MANCHESTER

  • Andy Burnham Lab 420,749 (63.40%)

  • Laura Evans Con 68,946 (10.39%)

  • Nick Buckley Ind 50,304 (7.58 %)

  • Dan Barker Reform 49,532 (7.46 %)

  • Hannah Spencer Green 45,905 (6.92 %)

  • Jake Austin LD 28,195 (4.25 %)

  • Electorate 2,088,723; Turnout 32%

These are the official results: LABOUR HOLD SALFORD

  • Paul Dennet Lab 30,753

  • Jillian Collinson Con 10,930

  • David Jones Green 5,623 votes

  • Sally Griffiths, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 2,681.

  • Turnout 26.66%

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