Man arrested after 'doing a runner' from ambulance in Rochdale

The officer has been inundated with calls to take up rugby after GMP Traffic posted this video on social media

A suspected motorbike thief has been arrested after he made a run from it from the back of an ambulance he was being treated in after he crashed.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) was called to Whitworth Road in Rochdale at 2:30pm on Thursday 9 May.

In footage posted on social media, officers went to the ambulance to arrest the suspect, who is then seeing jumping out of the ambulance, and running down the road before being arrested in what some people have described as a 'rugby tackle' which leads to both the suspect and police officer rolling over in the road.

The man has been arrested on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle, possession of drugs and an offensive weapon, and escaping lawful custody.

The social media footage has prompted lots of calls for the arresting officer to try out for a rugby club, with one woman suggesting he should play for the England team, saying "we might win a game then".

People on social media said the officer should take up rugby Credit: Facebook: GMP Traffic

One comment described it as a "high tackle" and said the officer should be put in the sin bin.

GMP's Traffic unit's tongue in cheek response was "A fine of cream cakes should suffice! And he split his pants..."