Jurgen Klopp: The charasmatic Liverpool manager's most famous press confererence quotes

  • ITV Granada Report's Sports Correspondent Chris Hall takes a look back at some of the best one liners from Jurgen Klopp

Since day one, Jurgen Klopp has kept his heart on his sleeve, and his words off the cuff.

While media duties haven't been his favourite part of the job, he certainly gave great copy.

Canning the cliches and shunning the status quo - he's gifted us with some incredible one-liners during his many press conferences and media interviews.

Here are just a few of our favourites:

He wasted no time at his very first Liverpool press conference, charming his way through the many questions.

“I don’t want to describe myself. I’m a totally normal guy. I came from the Black Forest. I’m the ‘Normal One’.”

Before adding: "All the people told me so much about the British press and so it is up to you to show me they are all liars."

Then there was the time he laughed off fears Liverpool would be humiliated by his former club.

He played down the significance of his return to Borussia Dortmund for the Europa League quarter-final.

He told reporters: "I had a wonderful time. It is better to be here than in, I don't know, North Korea."

He was also never afraid to give as good as he got from inquisitive journalists:

"Are you well? Because you [the reporter] don't look well!"

Often self-deprecating, he once famously compared his appearance to that of a serial killer.

He was asked about new black-rimmed glasses which had given him a changed appearance. Klopp responded: "Not new, only the second pair. They are black.

"I look a little bit like a serial killer, but you [the reporter] look like one too."

On another occasion, he laughed off the moment he broke his glasses while celebrating his side's win with player Adam Lallana.

“I don’t know, I saw nothing. Usually I have a second pair, but I couldn’t find them.

"It’s really difficult looking for glasses without glasses.”

Credit: PA Images

Of course, sometimes his passion did boil over into frustration.

In November 2023, he was furious when Toulouse fans drowned out his press conference with boisterous celebrations after he was made to hold it in a tent.

No supporters were inside but reporters could not hear Klopp over the banging from outside.

"Who had the idea to do a press conference here - that would be a really interesting question. Wow!" he said.

And then there was the time when Liverpool fan Daniel Craig tipped Klopp to be the next 007.

"I don't want to be James Bond.

"Thank you for having these nice words but I would be a really bad James Bond because if I walk out of the water in swim shorts, I think that would be the moment that all the whole world would switch off.

"No problem, we all have our own jobs to do in life, and he has to save the world and I have to help Liverpool."

And he was certainly the hero Liverpool needed, ending their 30-year title drought and claiming their sixth European Cup.

For eight years, Klopp was the talk of the town, who left nothing unsaid.