Liverpool FC manager Jurgen Klopp leaves Anfield holding his head up high

Jurgen Klopp has left Liverpool with his head held high following nine seasons in charge of the Merseysiders in which he became one of the fans’ all-time favourite managers.

The Reds finished third in the Premier League after beating Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-0 at Anfield.

During his time he has won seven trophies - including a sixth European Cup and ending a 30-year wait to win the Premier League.

“This is the season we aimed for the moon and ended up in the stars,” Klopp wrote in his programme notes.

“This is a club that is ready to take the journey in a new and exciting direction, not one that is ready for the journey to come to an end.”

First-half goals from Argentinian Alexis Mac Allister and Warrington-born Jarell Quansah ensured Klopp left on a high.

But Sunday’s game was always going to be about more than the final score.

The outgoing boss hugged and kissed players and staff after the final winner.

Defender Virgil van Dijk told Sky Sports: “We wanted to win the game and make sure that we do our job and then we can all be emotional after the game. And we will be.

“He deserves every bit of love that he’s getting."

One supporter was treated to a hug after a brief misunderstanding over her sign.

Reading the sign, Jurgen Klopp said: "giz a hug? Is it Irish?"

The fan replied: "No, it's scouse!"

Following the match, Klopp was showered with adulation and presented with replicas of all the trophies he has won in nearly nine years at Anfield before addressing the fans.

“I’m completely surprised,” he said. “I thought I would already be in pieces to be honest but I’m not, I’m so happy I can’t believe it.

“I’m so happy about you all, about the atmosphere, about the game, about being part of this family, about us, how we celebrated this day. It’s just incredible, thank you so much.”

Klopp announced back in January that he would be leaving Liverpool at the end of the season.

Players Joel Matip and Thiago Alcantara are also leaving the club - alongside Jurgen Klopp's backroom staff.

Klopp leaves with the highest win percentage – 62 per cent – any Liverpool manager in charge for more than 30 matches and the first to win his final game since Matt McQueen in 1928.

But it will be the memories, the emotional journey, which fans will remember than the trophies and statistics as the whole ground – including owners John W Henry and Tom Werner – stood to applaud as his name was chanted non-stop for the final 10 minutes of his tenure.