Man stopped on motorway with travelling with 60 inch television in back of convertible

Credit: Greater Manchester Police Traffic

A man has been stopped on the motorway after travelling with a 60-inch television in his convertible - because he "did not want to pay delivery".

The Volkswagen was pulled over on the M60 on Sunday 19 May after traffic police spotted it being driven with the TV leaning on the back seat.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said the driver, later claimed he "had hold of" the TV.

He was issued with a PG9 notice - prohibiting the car from moving because of safety - and was reported.

A post shared by GMP Traffic on X read: "The driver of this vehicle didn’t want to pay for delivery so tried to transport his new 60” television home himself #M60.

"Apparently, there wasn't anything dangerous about his load carried because he "had hold of it". PG9 issued, load removed & driver reported"