Customers walk out of Didsbury restaurant without settling £370 bill

Hispi in Didsbury
Award-winning chef Gary Usher owns Hispi in Didsbury, south Manchester. Credit: MEN syndication

An award-winning chef Gary Usher has called out customers who left his restaurant without paying their £370 bill.

The chef and restaurateur, who owns the Elite Bistros group of restaurants in the North West including including Kala in Manchester city centre and Hispi in Didsbury, south Manchester, took to social media to share the story.

Posting an excerpt from the end of day report from Hispi, on School Lane, from Monday 20 May, a member of staff said the party of three did not settle their £371.80 bill after telling the server they were going outside the venue for a smoke.

"Had a table of 3 walk in to celebrate their dad's birthday," the post read.

"They built up a tab of £371.80 and walked out without paying. I apologise profusely, I had all faith that they were going for a cigarette."

Gary's followers shared his frustration. One said: "So basically the restaurant opened for the night with little profit to show now. Must be demoralising."

The chef replied: "Yep."

"So sorry to hear this Gary - cant imagine what this must feel like for a business owner trying to make a living. Just looked at your bistro online and looks amazing! Will be sure to make a visit when next over in Manc," another added.

Stockport pub The Petersgate Tap responded: "Gutting Gary - what is wrong with people these days??"

One person asked: "Will we end up at the point where, like a hotel, you start to take a holding/pending amount on the card when we enter? I would be happy for this to happen."

In April, Gary was forced to defend a staff member at his The White Horse Pub in Cheshire after a negative review targeted a waitress.

The one-star review diner described a 'miserable' experience and the waiting staff's attitude as 'horrible'.

Gary later described the member of staff as 'an absolute credit' to the pub and threatened to block anyone who upset his team at any of his venues.