Oldham six-year-old survives stroke then stars in Hollywood blockbuster

ITV Granada Reports entertainment correspondent Caroline Whitmore spoke to a little girl who's got her Hollywood debut in a film she's too young to see.

Avy Berry is pretty modest about her role in a multi-million pound film production that's being seen all over the globe.

Asked by ITV Granada's entertainment correspondent Caroline Whitmore if she was nervous about filming 'A Quiet Place Day One' she replies: "A bit nervous."

Avy in the new thriller, she got her part only six weeks after surviving brain surgery Credit: Paramount Pictures

But Avy, from Failsworth in Oldham, has had a lot more to be worried about in her short life. She had major brain surgery after suffering a stroke, aged four.

Her mother Ferne Collins says: "We took her straight to A&E and if we hadn't it could have been a different story really."

She adds that a stroke in one so young is rare, but wants to warn other parents it does happen. Avy now has regular MRI scans.

Avy was only four when she had brain surgery following a stroke Credit: ITV News

Ferne says: "When your child's been through that, you don't care if she's in a film it's more that she's healthy."

Six weeks after recovering Avy got her part in 'A Quiet Place: Day One' alongside Oscar winner Lupita Nyongo, who an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in '12 Years a Slave' in 2014.

A woman named Sam finds herself trapped in New York City during the early stages of an invasion by alien creatures with ultra-sensitive hearing.

Lupita Nyongo is the star of the film Credit: Paramount Pictures

On the first day on set Avy was surrounded by hundreds of 'extras'. Ferne says Avy was the only one speaking in the scene.

Despite appearing alongside an Oscar winner, Avy is more interested in her other co-star, namely Schnitzel the cat.

Lupita Nyongo and Joseph Quinn, with another star of the film Schnitzel the cat Credit: Paramount Pictures

"He had a chaperone, and he was a real cat and I got to hold him all by myself," says the very proud six year old.

Schnitzel as Ava holds him 'all by myself' Credit: Family handout

Little Avy is not allowed to actually see the film because of its 15 certificate, her mother says even the trailer frightened her.

She's also appeared in Chester-based soap Hollyoaks as Scott Drinkwell's foster daughter Miley Carson.

It is clear from what she has achieved and overcome in six years that there is much more to come for little Avy Berry.

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