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An 18th century fashion show for Liverpool

Credit: Walker Art Gallery

A collection of 18th century fashion items go on display at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.

The 13 male and female costumes along with accessories will be on display until the spring of 2020.

The clothes in the display are typical of the fashionable styles worn by ‘the middling sort’. Neither rich or poor, these people often wanted to improve and display their social standing through their clothing.


Goat Yoga: a novel way to de-stress

Ever heard of Goat Yoga?

A group on the Isle of Man has been set up doing just that - Isle of Man Goatsfilmed this video showing local Howard Caine experiencing the alternative approach to yoga.

Suzanne Young set up the group, which some are calling 'Goga.'

It was great fun - perfect for those who like their yoga with a smile. My mountain pose never felt more realistic ... though had to watch those little hooves on my asana at times!

– Howard Caine

Akabusi launches "Old not Old" games

Olympian Kris Akabusi is hoping to prove that in sport, age is just a number. The former sprinter is Manchester to launch the "Old not Old games". The special event will pit runners aged around 60 and over against competitors in their 30s or under in a series of 60 metre sprints.

Kris Akabusi, wants to prove age is not barrier to keeping fit Credit: pa

Among the athetes taking part in the games are:

An 82 year old marathon runner.

A 59 year old who can run 100m in 15 seconds - and is setting up a running club.

A 62 year old who says getting fit with Park Run saved his life by speeding up his recovery from sepsis.


Yours for £5... how you could own this 5 bedroom mansion

A 500 year old mansion boasting five bedrooms and more than an acre of grounds could be yours for just £5.

Burton Hall near Chester was the location for ITV's Forsyth Saga and has starred in numerous adverts.

The owners put it on the market for £1.85 million four years ago but have had no takers. Now, they've decided to raffle it off.

We sent Matt O Donoghue to take a look around:

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