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Residents count the cost of fracking in nearby Roseacre

Residents in nearby Roseacre Wood have already been counting the cost of fracking in terms of house prices.

Some say they had no option to move, others say they can't sell.

Amy Welch has been speaking homeowners about the prospect of the fracking drills headed there next.

The last stand - anti fracking protestors say they'll fight on

The last stand - anti-fracking protestors show their opposition as drilling gets underway today at the controversial Lancashire site.

After drilling was halted seven years ago, Energy firm Caudrilla say it's the end of a long and bitter battle to start shale gas extraction.

For those against the process, there's disappointment, but they say they'll fight on.

Our political reporter Hannah Miller was there when fracking started and looks at both sides of the debate


  1. Fiona Marley Patterson

Race is on to stop deadly tree disease in the Lake District

Landowners in the Lake District are having to fell hundreds of trees in an effort to control the largest outbreak of disease in living memory.

Phytopthora Ramorum - commonly known as Sudden Oak Death - is carried by larch trees.

It thrives in wet and windy weather, so the race is on try to clear infected forests before it spreads further.

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