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IoM Harbours Strategy approved for £80m refurbishment

Ramsey Harbour Credit: IOM Gov

The Isle of Man's Tynwald Parliament has approved a Harbours Strategy which would include building an £80m refurbishment of Douglas Harbour.

It would cover the island’s five key ports – Douglas, Ramsey, Peel, Port St Mary and Port Erin – and includes support for the £11 million development of deep water berthing facilities to allow cruise ships to dock at Victoria Pier, Douglas.

The proposals set out following the review identify a three-year order of works covering seven different areas, with an estimated total cost of £80.37m.


WATCH: Millions owed to councils by property developers

Millions of pounds is owed to our cash -strapped councils.

It's owed by the property developers who keep on building, despite not finishing projects across the region.

A Granada Reports investigation's already uncovered a series of stalled developments and millions in missing money.

Now there are calls from those living in the shadows of those unfinished high-rises to find a resolution - and for those companies to pay their bills.

Matt O'Donoghue reports:


Working families say low wages and rising prices are pushing them into poverty

Working families have been telling how low wages and rising prices are pushing them into poverty.

Granada Reports correspondent Daniel Hewitt has been exploring the rise in the number of children growing up in poverty, even though their parents are working.

Val Coles and her son Michael live in Morecambe in a flat above the shop where she works.

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