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Graphene development sees Manchester named European City of Science for 2016

Manchester isn't only the home of two rather large football teams - it's also home to some of the most ground breaking scientific discoveries including splitting the atom and the invention of the computer.

And more recently the discovery of graphene - the strongest, thinnest material in the world. That's lead to Manchester being named European City of Science for 2016.

Tim Scott reports.


Controversy ahead as swathes of the NW earmarked for fracking

It's claimed years of conservation could be put at risk after the government approved a raft of new licences here in the North West to explore for shale gas. The 28 new licences could pave the way for more controversial fracking from Cheshire to South Cumbria. It would be one of the most intensive areas for fracking in Britain. Despite considerable opposition, the government says 'it's time to press ahead with shale gas, providing secure, home grown energy for decades to come'. This assessment now from our correspondent, Elaine Willcox.

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